Fuel Fabrication Plants (FFP)

Terms of Reference


To provide the Safeguards Community with expert advice on methods and procedures, and the exchange and demonstrate experience gained in nuclear material management and application of Safeguards in MOX facilities by the members of the Working Group.


As a general task the group promotes activities for development of current Nuclear Material Management and application of Safeguards in MOX fuel fabrication plants, taking into account the requirements of both plant operators and safeguards authorities. In particular, the group will:

  1. Promote the exchange of information and experience between facility operators and Safeguards Authorities.
  2. Identify the issues which are of safeguards relevance in MOX fuel fabrication plants.
  3. Consider the different safeguards approaches used to meet common safeguards objectives at differentMOX facilities, in particular in terms of their impact on facility operation.
  4. Consider the extent to which inspectors can utilise and have access to operators systems for the mutual benefit of inspectors and operators.
  5. Consider new requirements and developments in safeguards, evaluate the effect on existing systems and make recommendations for their implementation.
  6. Define and analyse possible R&D needs and projects and formulate proposals for R&D work.
  7. Identify the fields of cooperation and collaborate with other ESARDA Working Groups to consider issues of mutual interest.