Back End of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (BFC)

Terms of Reference


To provide the safeguards community with expert advice on the implementation of safeguards method and techniques in the area of the back en of the fuel cycle and to be a forum for exchange of information.

The Back End of the fuel cycle is considered to start from discharge of spent nuclear fuel from reactor.

The focus of the Working Group will be on the long term storage of spent fuel and the Safeguards approaches for spent fuel conditioning facilities and final geological repositories. The scope of this work is to compile information identify issues, convey tasks to existing or ad hoc Working Groups, initiate R&D activities, and to propose technical solutions on topics in the area of the back end of the fuel cycle.


To achieve the above objectives the Working Group will:

  1. Review the existing and planned fuel cycle back-end activities and trends in the back-end of the fuel cycle, within the European Union, identifying the issues that are of safeguards relevance.
  2. Review and promote R&D programmes to fulfil the safeguards and operators needs.
  3. Identify and cooperate with the appropriate ESARDA Working Group or forum to address the above issues.
  4. Advise the safeguards authorities on the possible safeguards approaches, and available methods and techniques applicable in installations of the back-end of the fuel cycle.
  5. Maintain contacts with or awareness of other international initiatives in this area and analyse their progress and results.