Low Enriched Uranium (LEU-WG)

see the article "The ESARDA Working Group for Low Enriched Uranium conversion and fabrication plant"

Terms of Reference


To provide the Safeguards Community with expert advice on methods, procedures and to exchange and demonstrate experience gained in nuclear material management and application of Safeguards in LEU facilities by the members of the Working Group.


As general task, the group promotes activities for development of current Nuclear Material Management and application of Safeguards, taking into account the requirements of both plant operators and safeguards authorities. In particular, the Group will:


  1. Maintain a list of methods and procedures suitable for accountancy and verification purposes and recommend the implementation of new ones.
  2. Recommend the participation of the members to the intercomparison exercises for nuclear material measurement techniques, for example REIMEP, scale system evaluation etc.
  3. Promote the use of common and correct terms for the definition of materials and methods.
  4. Maintain a direct channel of information with Safeguards Authorities in order to be informed on the evolution in general terms of the LEU plants safeguards approach.
  5. Identify the issues which are a safeguards relevance in the LEU plants.
  6. Identify - and cooperate with - the appropriate ESARDA Working Groups or Forum to address the above issues.