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    The ESARDA Bulletin is the academic peer-reviewed journal featuring scientific and technical articles related to safeguards and verification. The Bulletin is published twice a year and is currently under review for indexation.
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Bulletin n.52 - June 2015

B 052 THUMB   Issue number: 52
 Date published: June 2015
 Number of articles:
 Idenitifers: issn-PDF: 1977-5296 / issn-Printed: 0392-3029
Catalogue N.: KJ-BB-15-052-EN-N
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 Peer Reviewed Articles

Real‑time, fast neutron detection for stimulated safeguards assay
M.J. Joyce, J. Adamczyk, M.D. Aspinall, F.D. Cave, and R. Plenteda

Influence of fuel composition on the spent fuel verification by Self‑Interrogation Neutron Resonance Densitometry
R. Rossa, A. Borella, P.‑E. Labeau, N. Pauly, K. van der Meer

Analytical estimate of high energy gamma‑ray emissions from neutron induced reactions in U-235, U-238, Pu-239 and Pu-240
F. Postelt, F. Zeiser, G. Kirchner

The Use of Measurement Uncertainty in Nuclear Materials Accountancy and Verification
O. Alique; S. Vaccaro; J. Svedkauskaite

Particle Swarm Imaging (PSIM) – A swarming algorithm for the reporting of robust, optimal measurement uncertainties
D. Parvin, S. Clarke

Monitoring Nuclear Facilities Using Satellite Imagery and Associated Remote Sensing Techniques
M. Lafitte and J.‑P. Robin

Modelling Seismic-Signal Propagation at a Salt Dome for Safeguards Monitoring
J. Altmann

Safeguards Indexing Method for the Regulatory Assessment of Safeguards Culture at Nuclear Facilities
Zsolt Stefánka, Hedvig Éva Nagy, Árpád Vincze

Systems Approach to Arms Control Verification
K. Allen, C. Chen, M. Dreicer, I. Niemeyer, C. Listner and G. Stein

Nuclear Forensics Technologies in Japan
N. Shinohara, Y. Kimura, A. Okubo and H. Tomikawa

Application of the GIF PR&PP methodology to a commercial fast reactor system for a preliminary analysis of PR scenarios
F. Rossi


 Non Peer Reviewed Articles

Reflected‑Point‑Reactor Kinetics Model for Neutron Coincidence Counting: Comments on the Equation for the Leakage Self‑Multiplication
S. Croft, A. Favalli, D. Hauck, D. Henzlova, V. Henzl, R.D. McElroy Jr., and P.A. Santi

Workshop on He-3 alternatives for safeguards applications
C. Carrapico, B. Pedersen, V. Forcina, P. Peerani, F. Rosas, A. Rozite, H. Tagziria, G. Takoudis, A. Tomanin
Proliferation Resistance and Material type considerations within the collaborative project for a European Sodium Fast Reactor
G. Renda, F. Alim and G.G.M. Cojazzi

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