2nd MetroDecom Workshop

Metrology for Decomissioning Nuclear Facilities

The aim of the MetroDecom project is to create, within the framework of the European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP), innovative metrological solutions and improved methods, with the view to develop measurement facilities that will have a significant technological and financial impact on the growing demands of the European decommissioning industry.

As part of the MetroDecom project, the Free Release Measurement Facility (FRMF) has been installed in the ISF for the purpose of conducting research on waste destined for free release.

After the calibration campaign, the measurement campaign is going to start next week, beginning with the measurement of the metallic parts of the dismantled JRC Ispra aerial liquid waste transfer pipeline (known as "yellow pipeline"). The project was launched on 1st September 2014 and will last 3 years.

On the 11th-12th of October 2016 a workshop on the project will take place at the JRC-Ispra, in order to facilitate a dialogue among stakeholders, authorities, industrial operators, manufacturers of measurement devices and project partners coming from the 15 participating European National Metrology Institutes, agencies and industrial companies.

JRC is participating in the scientific project with three institutes: ITU, ISM, IRMM.