ESARDA is an association established by an Agreement, which has legal force according to the Belgian law. In 2020 there were 32 Parties to this agreement plus 14 Associated members and several Individual members.

To view the updated list of Parties and Associated members visit the Who's who section.

The Association is ruled by a Steering Committee that consists of all Parties of the Agreement. Each Party has one vote. Associated and Individual members may attend the meetings but do not have any voting rights.

The Steering Committee elects a President and a vice President for a duration of two years.

The Association has a Secretary, who is in charge of the daily management.

The Association is managed by an Executive Board, whose members are appointed by the Steering Committee for fours years, in representation of 7 Parties. The Euratom Safeguards Office has a permanent observer in the Executive Board.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee has final responsibility for all ESARDA activities including:

The Steering Committee has the power to discuss the general ESARDA policy according to the purpose of ESARDA agreement.

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Executive Board

The Executive Board will have the general function of managing the day to day life of ESARDA, such as dealing with current matters within the framework of the decisions taken by the Steering Committee in close liaison with the co-ordinators.


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Working Groups

ESARDA has established standing Working Groups dealing with various technical subjects. They are the key bodies of ESARDA and are of two basic types:

  1. Discipline-oriented Working Groups
  2. Specific issues Working Groups

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The Secretariat is in charge of:

  • the administration of ESARDA, in close contact with the President;
  • the symposia scientific secretariat;
  • the Bulletin publication and distribution;
  • the publication of proceedings of symposia and internal meetings.
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