Working Groups

ESARDA has established standing Working Groups dealing with various technical subjects. They are the key bodies of ESARDA and are of two basic types:


The discipline-oriented Working Groups
  • Techniques and Standards for Destructive Analysis
  • Techniques and Standards for Non-Destructive Analysis
  • Containment and Surveillance

Other Working Groups on specific issues
  • Editorial Committee
  • Export Control
  • Final Disposal
  • Implementation of Safeguards
  • Material Balance Evaluation
  • Training and Knowledge Management
  • Verification Technologies and Methodologies


International Working Group
  • Gamma Spectrometry Techniques for U/Pu Isotopics

Working Groups having recently reached their objectives, whose implementation activities are incorporated into the “Implementation of Safeguards” WG:
  • Fuel Fabrication Plants
  • Nuclear Material Accountancy and Audit Focus Group

The following Working Groups existed previously:
  • BFC - Back End of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
  • LEU - Low Enriched Uranium
  • NA/NT - Novel Approaches / Novel Technologies

Each Working Group has a Chair whose responsibility it is to ensure that the Working Group achieves its objectives.