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    The ESARDA Bulletin is the academic peer-reviewed journal featuring scientific and technical articles related to safeguards and verification. The Bulletin is published twice a year and is currently under review for indexation.
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Bulletin n.58 - June 2019

B 059 THUMB   Issue number: 58
 Date published: June 2019
 Number of articles:
 Idenitifers: issn-PDF: 1977-5296 / issn-Printed: 0392-3029
Catalogue N.: KJ-BB-19-058-EN-N
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Optimal Sampling Plans for Inventory Verification of Spent Fuel Ponds
Thomas Krieger, Katharina Aymanns, Arnold Rezniczek, Irmgard Niemeyer

Parametrization of the differential die-away self-interrogation early die-away time for PWR spent fuel assemblies
Li Caldeira Balkeståhl, Zsolt Elter, Sophie Grape

Use of machine learning models for the detection of fuel pin replacement in spent fuel assemblies
Riccardo Rossa, Alessandro Borella

Verifying PWR assemblies with rod cluster control assembly inserts using a DCVD
Erik Branger, Sophie Grape, Peter Jansson

Determination of 239Pu content in spent fuel with the SINRD technique by using artificial and natural neural networks
Borella Alessandro, Riccardo Rossa, Hugo Zaioun

Tamper-Indicating Enclosures with Visually Obvious Tamper Response
Heidi A. Smartt, Annabelle I. Benin, Cody Corbin, Joyce Custer, Patrick L. Feng, Matthew Humphries, Amanda Jones, Nicholas R. Myllenbeck

Identification of copper canisters for spent nuclear fuel: the ultrasonic method
Chiara Clementi, Lorenzo Capineri, François Littmann

Highlights of the Quad Multilateral Nuclear Arms Control Research Initiative LETTERPRESS Simulation
Jacob Benz, Keir Allen, Goran af Ekenstam, Styrkaar Hutsveit

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