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Reflection Group

The Reflection Group Reports have the objective to develop a roadmap to improve and enhance the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of ESARDA. The Reports ensure that the future activities of ESARDA are both consistent with the Association’s purpose, as stated in the ESARDA Agreement, and address the needs of the ESARDA members and/or stakeholders.

To fulfil these objectives, three specific goals have been identified:

Establish short term ESARDA Priorities and prepare a roadmap;
Define ESARDA’s medium-term future activities based on the new landscape in Europe and internationally;
Review the ESARDA organisation, and discuss how ESARDA can implement/achieve the identified objectives and implement the identified roadmap.

Volunteers contribute to the Reflection Group from across the ESARDA Membership, including Working Group Chairs, Steering Committee and Executive Board members and ESARDA participants of both long-standing and recent activities.