2003 Como Workshop

Proceedings of the workshop




Challenges for safeguards: today

  • How can today's safeguards challenges be met cost effectively?
    - Spent fuel storage, reprocessing, enrichment, final disposal
  • How could integrated safeguards under Additional Protocols evolve?
    - Preparing for integrated safeguards
    - Applying integrated safeguards in the European Union
    - Applying integrated safeguards in specific States (Canada, Japan)
  • How could international safeguards interface with nuclear security?
    - Are there technological synergies?

Challenges for safeguards: future

  • How will the evolution of nuclear energy usage impact safeguards?
    - Safeguards and non-proliferation; safeguards and nuclear security
    - Innovative fuel cycles and proliferation resistance
  • How will energy infrastructure evolve and what will it mean for safeguards?
    - Energy infrastructure evolution (open electricity markets, role of nuclear and renewable energy in sustainable development, energy parks
    - Safeguards impacts (role of global standards)
  • How will steps toward disarmament interface with safeguards?
    - Prospects for IAEA verification of excess weapon material
    - Fissile Material Cutoff - what would it mean for safeguards?

Future safeguards solutions and directions

  • Conclusions of the ESARDA Workshop on "R&D responses to the new safeguards environment" (May 2002)
  • What technical solutions are available for application to future challenges?
    - Information technologies; monitoring technologies; environmental sampling; satellite imagery; other verification regimes: What could be applicable?
    - Incorporate emerging technologies into safeguards approaches?
  • What directions could institutional solutions take?
    - What role for Regional and State systems?
    - How could proliferation resistance be incorporated into the non-proliferation regime?
    - International storage of spent fuel and nuclear waste; integrated nuclear sites; nuclear fuel cycle parks
  • What directions could political solutions take?
    - Enforcement of treaty commitments

Proceedings of the workshop

Booklet of abstracts (as of 08.10.2003) available for download