2000 Tokyo Workshop

3rd Joint ESARDA - INMM Workshop on 
"Science and Modern Technology for Safeguards"

Tokyo, Japan, 13 - 16 November , 2000

To promote the continued effectiveness of International Safeguards activities, ESARDA and the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM) have joined together to initiate a series of workshops on Science and Modern Technology for Safeguards. Thus far, two Workshops have been conducted: the first in Arona, Italy, in October 1996, and the second in Albuquerque, NM, USA, in September 1998 (proceedings are available).
The third Workshop of this series will be organised in Tokyo, from 13 to 16 November 2000. The co-organisers will be:
    •    ESARDA
    •    INMM
    •    The Japanese Chapter of INMM
    •    The Korean Chapter of INMM.
These workshops bring experts in the physical sciences, in the social and political sciences and in the implementation of alternate inspection regimes together with safeguards experts, to examine the applicability of the fields of expertise represented by these experts to safeguards. More precisely, the purpose of the Workshops is:
    1.    to inform the safeguards community about research, experience and selected, advanced technologies that might become available in three to five years, and that could be used to support needed advances in International Safeguards; and
    2.    to stimulate application of research and advanced technologies to safeguards by providing an opportunity for technical interchange between experts in the various technologies and experts in safeguards.
The Workshop will take the format of 4 Working Groups, respectively dealing with:
    •    Regional Systems and State Systems of Accounting and Control
    •    Social and Political Aspects of Safeguards
    •    Safeguards Challenges of Future Energy Technologies
    •    Automation, Robotics and Expert Software.
The proceeding have been published.