VTM-WG Chair

Keir Allen
Arms Control Technical Authority
Nuclear Treaty Verification
AWE, Aldermaston, Berkshire, UK, RG7 4PR
Tel.: +44 (0)118 98 56590
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Verification Technologies and Methodologies (VTM)

Terms of Reference


Ad hoc Group on "Verification Technologies and Methodologies"

Relevant Technologies and Methodologies (Examples)

  1. General Verification Concepts;
    1. The Role of Openness and Transparency
    2. Verification Regimes
  2. Inspection Models;
    1. Managed Access
    2. Unannounced Access (short notice random)
    3. Challenge Inspections
  3. Evaluation of Verification, Efficiency and Effectiveness;
  4. Information Gathering, Processing and Evaluation of Open Sources;
  5. Satellite Imagery;
  6. Environmental Monitoring;
    1. High Performance Trace Analysis
    2. Wide Area
    3. Particle Analysis
    4. Noble Gas Monitoring
    5. Radiological Survey
  7. Infra Sound Monitoring;
  8. Digital Optical Surveillance and Electronic Sealing Systems;
  9. Unattended Remote Monitoring Systems;
  10. Geophysical Techniques (e.g. seismic reflection, ground penetrating radar).