Ed Ctee-WG Chair

Elena Stringa
European Commission - JRC, Directorate Nuclear Safety and Security
Department Nuclear Security and Safeguards, Nuclear Security Unit
Ispra (VA), Italy
Tel. +39 0332 78-6182
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Editorial Committee (ED-CTEE)

Terms of Reference


Within the objectives of ESARDA, communication is one of the most important.
More and more ESARDA is considered as an European forum / think tank in safeguards, non proliferation and related fields.

In this context it was felt necessary to give more attention to the publication process. So it is proposed to establish an Editorial committee (Working Group) responsible for the following communication activities:

  1. Editorial policy of ESARDA (to be approved by Executive Board);
  2. Bulletin elaboration and publication;
  3. Website follow up (e:g: WG annual reports, Technical Sheets and updates, etc.);
  4. Act as Scientific committee for the ESARDA Annual Meetings (internal or symposia): selection of papers, programme elaboration, and feed back;
  5. Other meetings such as Topical Meetings, joint ESARDA-INMM, etc.