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Document Repository

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CIRCABC is the European Commission's collaborative platform, which offers an easy distribution and management of documents.


The ESARDA documents archive is hosted on the European Commission's CIRCA BC platform.

Access to the CIRCABC ESARDA Interest Group is strictly reserved to ESARDA members.

Top reasons to use CIRCABC

  • CIRCABC allows the distribution and management of multilingual documents in any format in a highly secure environment.
  • CIRCABC is used in the implementation of many EU policies, both inside EU institutionsand in Member States.
  • To date, more than 3000 interest groups with some 140 000 users are represented inCIRCABC. More than 2 million documents havebeen shared.
  • CIRCABC is freely available for anyorganisation, public or private.
  • It can also be deployed as a standalone alternative.


Notice: If you haven't accessed CIRCA-BC over a period of time ECAS resets your password by default. To reset your password please follow the instructions in the links above.