EXP-WG Chair

Christos Charatsis
European Commission - JRC, Directorate Nuclear Safety and Security
Department Nuclear Security and Safeguards, Nuclear Security Unit
Ispra (VA), Italy
Tel. +39 0332 78-6174
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Export Control (EXP)

Terms of Reference


Research, discussion and exchange forum for the analysis of the export control issues faced by various types of technology holders.

Sharing of experiences and best-practices; identification of research needs and new proposed approaches; “out-of-the-box” work taking advantage of ESARDA’s broad and comprehensive membership and network of external contributors.

  1. Overview of evolving EU and international regulations and requirements;
  2. Sharing experience on export control cases from different perspectives;
  3. Sharing experience on Additional Protocol export control and related matters;
  4. Sharing experience on implementation and technical issues of EU dual-use control list;
  5. Technological developments relevant to nuclear fuel cycle and export controls;
  6. Contribute to understanding catch-all issues and definition of common criteria;
  7. Development of technical modules for the ESARDA course;
  8. Development of export compliance guidelines for various types of technology holders, focussing also on research and education;
  9. Development of guidelines for intangible technology transfers;
  10. Support to the definition and analysis of proliferation scenarios and patterns;
  11. Methodologies and tools;
  12. Developing cooperation with other international working groups on export control (e.g. Dual Use Businesseurope group, Chaudfontaine group, ENEF);
  13. Promoting the mutual recognition of export control systems within the international community.