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Welcome to the ESARDA Library

All the ESARDA publications were scanned since the very beginning of ESARDA activities. So you can find here all the material published in the symposium / workshop proceedings and bulletins.
- you can find all proceedings except those of the 1971 workshop that were not available for scanning; if you own a copy, please contact the Secretariat.
- the recent proceedings are not made available on line. ESARDA has decided to release them with a delay of 1 year.

For helping your search, we have made available the tables of content of symposium / workshops. Click on the link “table of content”.

For the search, type the words you think are used in the article or its title. You can type any usual word or names of the authors. Words should be separated by a space. Then click on the button “Search”.

A table will display all articles containing the words you have typed.

The first column specifies if the article was published in the ESARDA Bulletin or in a proceedings.
The second column specifies the year and the third one the location of the symposium / workshop or the n° of the issue of the Bulletin.
The fourth column specifies the title of the article.
The fifth one specifies the name of the authors.

To open the pdf file of the selected article click on the line of the location / issue n° (third column). This way was chosen for clarity purpose.

If you detect a problem during your searches, please, do not hesitate to write us and describe it. You will contribute to improve the quality of the data base.

In the pdf files of the articles of some recent years (2002 and 2003), links may remain, notably to the table of content. These links are not activated, i.e. if you click on them you will only get a page impossible to find. So please do not use them.

Do not bookmark the result of a search because the pages are generated dynamically. Better, bookmark your ESARDA website !

For any feedback or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat.