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Editorial Committee (Ed-Ctee)

Providing expert advice on publications

Editorial Committee Vice-Chair

Guido Renda
European Commission - JRC, Directorate Nuclear Safety and Security
Department Nuclear Security and Safeguards, Nuclear Security Unit
Ispra (VA)

The Editorial Committee is in charge of all matters related to the dissemination of publications of the association. Throughout the years, the Committee has grown in numbers and in responsibilities, thanks to the increase of material being offered to the public.

The Editorial Committee primarily deals with the three main publications within the Association:

  • The ESARDA Bulletin – The International Journal of Nuclear Safeguards and Non-Proliferation
  • The ESARDA Symposia and Workshop Proceedings
  • The ESARDA Connector, the official newsletter of the association

A Chair and a Vice-Chair, who rotate every two years, lead the Editorial Committee. The Committee is composed of leading experts from every main area of the safeguards, which assist in the collection and review of material being published. Furthermore, the Committee acts as a scientific committee for the ESARDA Symposium, during the selection of papers being submitted to the event.