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News article14 September 2022Joint Research Centre1 min read

ESARDA Bulletin Rolling Publication & Scopus Past Articles Backfill

To reflect the ever-changing nature of how academics search for articles, since June 2022 the ESARDA Bulletin has opted for a rolling publication scheme rather than a fixed date to release a complete volume.

The benefits of adopting this method of publication allows authors to have their work published without delay, therefore gaining an improved online visibility. This basis for publishing also creates more opportunities for scholars to come across and reference articles as you publish them. Furthermore, colleagues in the same field are more likely to visit the publication website for new content.

The editorial team also updated the way the Bulletin is released; the bulletin content is published online as single articles to which a DOI number is assigned, thus assisting in the citation process. In addition, every year the publication will comprise one unique volume split into two issues, in June and December. The articles submitted and published online in the last six months of that given period will be collected.

Since 2020 the ESARDA Bulletin 'The International Journal of Nuclear Safeguards and Non-Proliferation', has been indexed in the Scopus citation database. In September this year the editors received confirmation that Scopus has started the backfill process to include all Bulletin articles from 2017 onwards.

The editorial team invites potential authors to submit work whenever it is ready, without having to abide to a Call for paper deadline.

Visit the ESARDA Bulletin webpage to view all available volumes.


Publication date
14 September 2022
Joint Research Centre