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Training and Knowledge Management

Working Group

Dr. Riccardo Rossa
SCK CEN: Belgian Nuclear Research Centre
Boeretang 200
2400 Mol, Belgium
Tel. +32 14 33 21

Terms of Reference


The main objectives of the Working Grouip on Training and Knowledge Management (WG TKM) are to:

  1. Promote nuclear safeguards and non-proliferation education and training;
  2. Organise the ESARDA course on nuclear safeguards and non-proliferation;


The WG TKM works with issues related to education, training and knowledge management in the nuclear safeguards field. We discuss and engage in different types of education and training activities, collaborations with educational and reseach networks and knowledge management within the ESARDA organization. The expertise of the working group members is broad and many different types of organizations that actively work with education and training are represented in the working group.

Specifically, the working group is, and has since 2005 been, responsible for organising the the ESARDA course every year. This course is open to masters degree students, in particular nuclear engineering students, but also to young professionals and International Relations / law students. It aims at complementing nuclear engineering studies by including nuclear safeguards in the academic curriculum.

New strategy on Education, Training and Knowledge Management

The working group is currently investigating the development of a new strategy on how to work with education, training and knowledge management within the ESARDA organization. We would like to increase the awareness of nuclear safeguards by making educational and research material available, thereby promoting education and training in nuclear safeguards to a broad audience. More information on this initiative can be found in the Reference Material box in the right sidebar.

TKM Documents and Publications

29 MARCH 2021
ESARDA Course Syllabus
29 MARCH 2021
Building a Strategy for ESARDA - Education, Training and Knowledge Management
29 MARCH 2021
A task force for investigating the ESARDA strategy on education, training and knowledge management


TKM Useful Links

TKM CIRCA BC Document Repository (credentials required)