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Export Control

Working Group

Christos Charatsis
European Commission - JRC, Directorate Nuclear Safety and Security
Department Nuclear Security and Safeguards, Nuclear Security Unit
Ispra (VA), Italy
Tel. +39 0332 78-6174

Terms of Reference


Research, discussion and exchange forum for the analysis of the export control issues faced by various types of technology holders.

Sharing of experiences and best-practices; identification of research needs and new proposed approaches; “out-of-the-box” work taking advantage of ESARDA’s broad and comprehensive membership and network of external contributors.


  1. Overview of evolving EU and international regulations and requirements;
  2. Sharing experience on export control cases from different perspectives;
  3. Sharing experience on Additional Protocol export control and related matters;
  4. Sharing experience on implementation and technical issues of EU dual-use control list;
  5. Technological developments relevant to nuclear fuel cycle and export controls;
  6. Contribute to understanding catch-all issues and definition of common criteria;
  7. Development of technical modules for the ESARDA course;
  8. Development of export compliance guidelines for various types of technology holders, focussing also on research and education;
  9. Development of guidelines for intangible technology transfers;
  10. Support to the definition and analysis of proliferation scenarios and patterns;
  11. Methodologies and tools;
  12. Developing cooperation with other international working groups on export control (e.g. Dual Use Businesseurope group, Chaudfontaine group, ENEF);
  13. Promoting the mutual recognition of export control systems within the international community.

EXP Documents and Publications

Strengthening Strategic Export Controls by Internal Compliance Programmes
(1.11 MB - PDF)