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Verification Technologies and Methodologies

Working Group

Zoe Gastelum
International Safeguards & Engagements
Sandia National Laboratories
Albuquerque, NM 87185

Cristina Versino
European Commission - JRC,
Directorate Nuclear Safety and Security
Department Nuclear Security and Safeguards,
Nuclear Security Unit
Ispra (VA), Italy

Terms of Reference


Ad hoc Group on "Verification Technologies and Methodologies"

Relevant Technologies and Methodologies (Examples)

  1. General Verification Concepts;
    1. The Role of Openness and Transparency
    2. Verification Regimes
  2. Inspection Models;
    1. Managed Access
    2. Unannounced Access (short notice random)
    3. Challenge Inspections
  3. Evaluation of Verification, Efficiency and Effectiveness;
  4. Information Gathering, Processing and Evaluation of Open Sources;
  5. Satellite Imagery;
  6. Environmental Monitoring;
    1. High Performance Trace Analysis
    2. Wide Area
    3. Particle Analysis
    4. Noble Gas Monitoring
    5. Radiological Survey
  7. Infra Sound Monitoring;
  8. Digital Optical Surveillance and Electronic Sealing Systems;
  9. Unattended Remote Monitoring Systems;
  10. Geophysical Techniques (e.g. seismic reflection, ground penetrating radar).

VTM Useful Links

VTM CIRCA BC Document Repository (credentials required)