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Implementation of Safeguards

Working Group

Marianne Calvez
Euratom Technical Committee (ETC)
Bâtiment 447
91191 Gif-sur-Yvette cedex

Terms of Reference


To provide the Safeguards Community with proposals and expert advice on the implementation of safeguards concepts, methodologies and approaches aiming at enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of safeguards on all levels and serve as a forum for exchange of information and experiences on safeguards implementation.


To achieve the above objectives the Implementation of Safeguards Working Group will:

  1. Develop different methodologies and identify best practices to improve current and implement new safeguards approaches under Integrated Safeguards on the Community level.
  2. Identify the technical, practical, organisational and legal consequences of new safeguards approaches (SNRI, unpredictability) on plant operators and national, regional and international inspectorates.
  3. Promote the exchange of information and experience between facility operators and Safeguards Authorities to create and maintain a complete and transparent picture of safeguards implementation matters among the WG members.
  4. Study the possible utilization and quality control of activities performed by the regional and state systems of accountancy and control by the IAEA, especially those contributing to new safeguards concepts (Remote Safeguards Inspection, State-level approach, etc.).
  5. Address topics related to additional information, including open sources, export-import reports and the evaluation and quality control of information.
  6. Consider issues related to the overall state approach on the Community level, including the evaluation of transparency of the states and their impact on safeguards activities.
  7. To cope with challenges coming up in the nuclear renaissance, co-operate with other ESARDA Working Groups to identify R&D needs to comply with implementation requirements especially for emerging new type of facilities in the design phase.

IS Documents and Publications

26 MARCH 2021
European Safeguards Research and Development Association Implementation of Safeguards Working Group Activities 2011-2012


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