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ESARDA Bulletin N.13


ISSN 1977-5296
Publication date
1 November 1987
Joint Research Centre



L. Stanchi

News about ESARDA

The Role of ESARDA and its Current R&D Efforts
R. Kroebel, W. Bahm, M. Cuypers

Some Impressions of the London Symposium 1987
R. Kroebel, W. Bahm, L. Stanchi

Activities of the ESARDA Working Groups

Destructive Analysis


Random Uncertainties in Sampling and Element Assay of Nuclear Materials.
Target Values 1988

P. De Bièvre, S. Baumann, R. Schott, J.C. Dalton, R. Berg, P. De Regge, T. Görgenyi, M. Höflich, S. Deron, E. Kuhn, E. Mainka, R.P. Bradshaw, C. Pie tri

How to Use the ESARDA Target Values for Sampling and Element Assay
S. Deron

Cooperation Agreement between ENEA and JRC-Ispra for R & D on Techniques and Methods for Safeguards Purposes
M. Cuypers, S. Guardini, G. Grossi, M. Aparo

The Use of the Shipper/Receiver Difference in the Facility,Accountancy and the Safeguards Evaluation
A. Rota

A Training Course for IAEA Inspectors at JRC-Ispra
M. Franklin

Spent Fuel Measurements at NPP Paks
L. Lakosi, J. Sáfár, I. Józsa

Automated Material Control and Accountability for the Chemical Manufacturing Area of a Fuel Fabrication Plant
CF Sanders, RL Ervin, O.W. Parker

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ESARDA Bulletin N.13