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ESARDA Bulletin N.26


ISSN 1977-5296
Publication date
1 March 1996
Joint Research Centre



An International Collaboration Exercise on the Callibration of a Model Reprocessing Plant Accountancy (CALDEX) Tank using a Lutetium Tracer
J. Kinney, M. Neuilly, W.J. Reed, G.E. Taylor, D.H. Smith, R. Weh

ESARDA Working Group on Reprocessing Input Verification (RIV) - Final Report
M. Dionisi

Report on the Joint Meeting of ESARDA Working Groups (LEU, MOX, C/S, NDA) on Unattended/Integrated Safeguards Systems
P. Boermans, S. Guardini, R. Ingels, B. Richter

V VER SFAT Reveals Presence of Irradiated Nuclear Fuel
M. Tarvainen, J. Kaartinen

SYCLOP (SYstem of Control of Locations and Objects by Parabola) Heat Flow Sensor Parabola Used for Surveillance in Safeguards
P. Guilmain, C. Korn, M. Cuypers, P. Thery

Determination of Uranium and Plutonium in Simulant Mixture Samples by 252Cf Shuffler
Q. Shengzhong, P.M. Rinard, E.L. Adams, R.H. Augustson

Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometry for Determination of Uranium and Plutonium: Ion Source Chemistry
S.K. Aggarwal, M.K. Saxena, P.M. Shah, S. Kumar, H.C. Jain

A Simple, Rapid and Accurate Electrochemical Method for Uraniu, Determination in Dissolver Solution of Irradiated Fuel
P.R. Nair, M. Xavier, K.A. Mathew, P.M. Shah, S.K. Aggarwal, H.C. Jain

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ESARDA Bulletin N.26