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Scientific paper

ESARDA Bulletin N.28


ISSN 1977-5296
Publication date
1 January 1998
Joint Research Centre


Plutonium Isotopic Determination By Gamma Spectometry: Recommendations for the 242Pu content evaluation using a new algorithm
G. Bignan, W. Ruhter, H. Ottmar, A. Schubert, C. Zimmerman

Aspects of Remote Data Transmission in Safeguards
B. Richter

On the Optimization of Interim Inspections
P. Goutal, F. Werkoff

Role of Containment and Surveillance Strategies in the U.S. National Safeguards Program
D. Crawford, O. Johnson

Computerised Methods for Time Correlation in Passive Neutron Counting for Fissile Material Determination
A. Dodaro, F.V. Frazzoli, R. Remetti

Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data from Different Analytical Techniques
R.A. Tavares, J.E. de Souza Sarkis, L. Kaiserlian Cordani, M.H. Kakazu

Activity Report of the ESARDA Working Group on Techniques and Standards for Non-Destructive Analysis
S. Guardini, G. Bignan

ESARDA Working Group on Containment and Surveillance
B. Richter

One year of ESARDA activities


In Memoriam

ESARDA Bulletin N.28 THMB


20 APRIL 2021
ESARDA Bulletin N.28