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ESARDA Bulletin N.40


ISSN 1977-5296
Publication date
1 December 2008
Joint Research Centre



A Word from the ESARDA Editorial Committee
B. Autrusson


Announcement of a Workshop on Impurity Measurements in Uranium Samples  
ESARDA Working Group on Destructive Analysis

5th  ESARDA Course on Nuclear Safeguards and Non Proliferation
ESARDA Working Group on Training & Knowledge Management

Nuclear Safeguards and Nuclear Security Related TACIS Projects Implemented by the JRC  
P. Daures, K. Mayer, O. Cromboom, P. Frigola, W. Janssens, J. Jarmalaviciute

Peer reviewed section

Database Tool for Storage and Evaluation of Radiation Profiles Related to the Dry Storage of CANDU-type Spent Fuel  
JB. Thevenon, A. Lebrun, T. Ferey, D. Fauvel, P. Aujames

A Versatile Simulation Code for Alpha Spectrometry: Development of the Graphical User Interface and Applications
T. Siiskonen, R. Pöllänen, T. Karhunen

Working Groups activities  

Introduction to the Articles from a Seminar on Export Control of Dual-use Items and Technology
G. Stein

Nuclear Export Controls  
F. MacLean

Nuclear Trade Analysis May Provide Early Indications of Proliferation
M. Tarvainen

The European Union Dual-use Export Control Regime
Q. Michel

WATCH LISTS: Methods to Reinforce Export Control on Potentially Proliferating Uncontrolled Items and Materials
P. Louvet

Developing the Capabilities to Make Strategic Export Controls Effective
P. Heine, T. Perry

The Future of Nuclear Export Controls  
I. Anthony

Report on the Workshop on Measurements of Minor Isotopes in Uranium
Y. Aregbe, K. Mayer, M. Hedberg, S. Richter, J. Poths, T. Prohaska, R. Kips

Technical sheets

The Application of Mailboxes in Safeguards  

Quality Control in Nuclear Sample Measurements  

Nuclear Reference Materials

Uranium Assay By Titration Method  


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13 APRIL 2021
ESARDA Bulletin N.40