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ESARDA Bulletin N.50


ISSN 1977-5296
Publication date
1 December 2013
Joint Research Centre


Peer Reviewed Articles

Particle size inhomogeneity effect on neutron resonance densitometry
B. Becker, H. Harada, K. Kauwenberghs, F. Kitatani, M. Koizumi et al

Development of neutron resonance densitometry at the GELINA TOF-facility
P. Schillebeeckx, S. Abousahl, B. Becker, A. Borella, F. Emiliani et al.

Expanding the Capabilities of Neutron Multiplicity Measurements: Conclusions from a 4 year Project
B. Goddard, W. Charlton, M. Swinhoe and P. Peerani

Determination of the half-life and specific thermal power of 241Pu by nuclear calorimetry
S. Croft, P.A. Santi and R.D. McElroy

The detection of reactor antineutrinos for reactor core monitoring- an overview
M. Fallot

Burnup monitoring of spent fuel assemblies
I. Almási, C.T. Nguyen, Z. Hlavathy, J. Zsigrai, L. Lakosi, P. Nagy

Development of a reference spent fuel library of 17x17 PWR fuel assemblies
R. Rossa, A. Borella and K. van der Meer

Seismic Monitoring of an Underground Repository in Salt
J. Altman

Intrinsic fingerprints inspection for identification of dry fuel storage casks
D. Demyanuk, M. Kroening, A. Lider, D. Chumak and D. Sednev

State Regulatory Authority (SRA) Coordination of 3S of Nuclear Facilities- A Framework for Analysis
S. Mladineo, S. Frazar, A. Kurzrok, E. Martikka, T. Hack and T. Wiander

Collection and Analysis of Open Source News for Information Awareness and Early Warning
G.G.M. Cojazzi, E. van Der Goot, M. Verile and E. Wolfart

New Approaches and New Technologies for the Verification of Nuclear Disarmament
D. Keir

Confirmation of Nuclear Treaty Limited Items- Pre-dismantlement vs. Post-dismantlement
D. MacArthur, D. Hauck and M. Smith

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12 MARCH 2021
ESARDA Bulletin N.50