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Scientific paper

ESARDA Bulletin N.51


ISSN 1977-5296
Publication date
1 December 2014
Joint Research Centre


Peer Reviewed Articles

Recent modelling studies for analyzing the partial-defect detection capability of the DCVD
S. Grape and S. J. Svärd

Impact of Nuclear Data Uncertainties on Calculated Spent Fuel Nuclide Inventories and Advanced NDA Instrument Response
J. Hu and I.C. Gauld

Managing Threats from Emerging Technologies: Can Safeguards Show the Way
T. Leffer

The Room Within A Room - Concept for Monitored Warhead Dismantlement
J. Tanner, J. Benz, H. White, S. McOmish, K. Allen, K. Tolk and G. Weeks

The 252Cf neutron spectrum in ISO 8529
D. Thomas

Attaining and Maintaining a Continuity of Knowledge to Draw Safeguards Conclusions with Confidence
R.S. Bean, D.S. Blair and C.A. Pickett

Non Peer Reviewed Articles

Unattended Safeguards Instrumentation at Centrifuge Enrichment Plants
L.E. Smith, A.R. Lebrun, R. Labella

Categorization of the Main Techniques of Neutron Coincidence-Multiplicity Analysis
A.M. Bolind

Ontology-based semantic information technology for safeguards
M. McDaniel

Approaching acquisition path analysis formally- a comparison between AP and non-AP states
C. Listner , M.J. Canty, A. Rezniczek, G. Stein and I. Niemeyer

Preparation of Pu particle quality control materials
C. Kim, T. Kitao, E. Chinea Cano, Z. Macsik, S. Vogt, T. Tanpraphan, O.P. Bildstein, L. Sangely and J. Poths

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11 MARCH 2021
ESARDA Bulletin n.51