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ESARDA Bulletin N.53


ISSN 1977-5296
Publication date
1 December 2015
Joint Research Centre


Peer Reviewed Articles

Comparison of Fresh Fuel Experimental Measurements to MCNPX Results using the Differential Die-Away Instrument for Nuclear Safeguards Applications
A. Goodsell, V. Henzl, M. Swinhoe, C. Rael, D. Desimone and W. Charlton

A Qualitative Analysis of the Neutron Population in Fresh and Spent Fuel Assemblies during Simulated Interrogation using the Differential Die-Away Technique
N. Lundkvist, A. Goodsell, S. Grape, J. Hendricks, V. Henzl , M.T. Swinhoe and S. Tobin

Improving the prediction model for Cherenkov light generation by irradiated nuclear fuel assemblies in wet storage for enhanced partial-defect verification capability
E. Branger, S. J. Svärd and S. Grape

Experimental Assessment of a 6LiFZnS Prototype Neutron Coincidence Counter for Safeguards
H. Tagziria, M. Foster, M. Schear, D. Ramsden, G. Dermody, B. Pedersen and P. Schwalbach

Detection of fission signatures induced by a low-energy neutron source
A.Ocherashvili, V. Mayorov, A. Beck, E. Roesgen, G. Heger, J-M. Crochemore and B. Pedersen

Emerging Applications of Uncertainty Quantification in Non-destructive Assay
B. Weaver, A. Favalli, B. Williams, S. Croft, D. Dale and T. Burr

Mobile 3D Laser Scanning for Nuclear Safeguards
E. Wolfart, V. Sequeira, M. Murtezi, A. Zein, P. Turzak, S. Rocchi and L. Enkhjin

Monitoring uranium mining and milling using commercial observation satellites
L. Sundaresan, C. Srinivasan and B. Jasani

Systems Approach to Arms Control Verification
K. Allen, C. Chen, M. Dreicer, I. Niemeyer, C. Listner and G. Stein

Safeguards-relevant information collection from small holders – experiences and challenges
E. Sundén, M. Dufva and J. Dahlberg

Methodological Aspects of the IAEA State Level Concept and Acquisition Path Analysis: A State’s Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Related Capabilities, and the Quantification of Acquisition Paths
L. K. Kim, G. Renda and G. M. Cojazzi

Non Peer Reviewed Articles

Advancing Disarmament Verification Tools: A Task for Europe?
M. Göttsche, M. Kütt, G. Neuneck, I. Niemeyer

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ESARDA Bulletin n.53