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ESARDA Bulletin N.56


ISSN 1977-5296
Publication date
20 June 2018
Joint Research Centre


Peer Reviewed Articles

GOSSER - Geological Safeguards and Security R&D Project in Finland - How STUK prepares itself for the Final Disposal in Finland
O. Okko, M. Moring, T. Honkamaa, E. Martikka, M. Hämäläinen

Non-destructive assay sampling of nuclear fuel before encapsulation
C. Hellesen and S. Grape

Utility of Including Passive Neutron Albedo Reactivity in an Integrated NDA System for Encapsulation Safeguards
S. J. Tobin, P. Peura, C. Bélanger-Champagne, M. Moring, P. Dendooven, T. Honkamaa

Ultrasonic Investigation of the Welding Area of Copper Canisters for Spent Nuclear Fuel
C. Clementi, F. Littmann, L. Capineri

Usability of Monitoring at the Olkiluoto Repository Site for Safeguards
E. Pentti and O. Okko

Elements of a Swedish Safeguards Policy for a Spent Fuel Disposal System
G. af Ekenstam, L. Hildingsson, R. Fagerholm, C. Andersson

Non Peer Reviewed Article

Euratom On-Site Laboratories Refurbishments and Developments
L. Duinslaeger, K. Casteleyn, C.-I. Andor, R. Buda, R. C. Marquez, L. Commin, F. D’Amati, L. Emblico, T. Enright, M. Hild, J. H. Domenech, A. Le Terrier, K. Luetzenkirchen, S. Mialle, S. Morel, A. Muehleisen, A. Nicholl, C. Nourry, D. Poublan, M. Ramos Pascual, G. Rasmussen, A. M. Sanchez Hernandez, F. Sarli, S. Street, G. Suurkuusk, G. Toma1, M. Toma, O. S. Valu, P. Van Belle, D. Wojnowski, E. Zuleger, F. Lipcsei, P. Schwalbach, S. Synetos

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11 MARCH 2021
ESARDA Bulletin n.56