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Scientific paper

ESARDA Bulletin N.6


ISSN 1977-5296
Publication date
1 April 1984
Joint Research Centre



1983 Target Values for Uncertainty Components in Fissile Element and Isotope Assay
P. De Bièvre, S. Baumann, T. Görgenyi, E. Kuhn, S. Deron, P. De Regge

Report on the Workshop on Determination of the Volume of Reprocessing Input Solutions by Tracer Techniques
G. Guzzi, P.R. Trincherini

Reprocessing Input Tank Calibration Exercise (RITCEX)
F. Franssen

Aberration diagnosis for a weighing scale system
F. Brunelli, L. Olivi

ESAR DA Meeting on Research Centers' Accounting
P. Frederiksen

Advantages of Reporting in Computer Readable Form
H. Kschwendt

Activities of the ESARDA Working Groups

Techniques and Standards for Non-Destructive Analysis
Jörn Harry

Achievements of the ESARDA LEU WG
R. Stewart, A.A. Musto

Destructive Techniques and Standards
P. De Bièvre

PERLA : Performance Test Laboratory for Safeguards
J. Ley

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ESARDA Bulletin N.6