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ESARDA Bulletin N.61

The International Journal of Nuclear Safeguards and Non-Proliferation


ISSN 1977-5296
Publication date
2 December 2020
Joint Research Centre



Heterogeneity effects on nondestructive assay measurements of enrichment in UF6 cylinders
Allison T. Greaney, Susan K. Smith, Ramkumar Venkataraman, Jason M. Richards, Carlos D. Rael, Martyn T. Swinhoe, Duc T. Vo, Ron D. Jeffcoat, and Glenn A. Fugate

Fuel rod classification from Passive Gamma Emission Tomography (PGET) of spent nuclear fuel assemblies
Riina Virta, Rasmus Backholm, Tatiana A. Bubba, Tapio Helin, Mikael Moring, Samuli Siltanen, Peter Dendooven, Tapani Honkamaa

A methodology to identify partial defects in spent nuclear fuel using gamma spectroscopy data
Zsolt Elter, Sophie Grape

Three-dimensional Positional Analysis of Weapons Grade Plutonium Using Gridded Arrays of Dosimeters
Ryan P O’Mara and Robert B Hayes

Cognition-Informed Safeguards: Lessons and Recommendations for Safeguards Practitioners from Cognitive Science Research
Zoe Gastelum, Arielle Mattes, Laura Matzen, and Mallory Stites

ESARDA Bulletin N.61 THMB


20 DECEMBER 2020
ESARDA Bulletin N.61