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ESARDA Bulletin N.64 issue 1

The International Journal of Nuclear Safeguards and Non-Proliferation


ISSN 1977-5296
Publication date
20 June 2022
Joint Research Centre



Studies of the impact of beta contributions on Cherenkov light emission by spent nuclear fuel
Erik Branger, Zsolt Elter, Sophie Grape, Markus Preston

Statistical error model-based and GUM based analysis of measurement uncertainties in nuclear safeguards – a reconciliation
Oscar Alique, Yetunde Aregbe, Raffaele Bencardino, Robert Binner, Thomas Burr, Jeff Chapman, Stephen Croft, Andy Fellerman, Thomas Krieger, Klaus Martin, Peter Mason, Claude Norman, Thomas Prohaska, Divyesh Trivedi, Steve Walsh, Dariusz Wegrzynek, Ben Wright and Jan Wuester

Stochastic Approach to Inspection Evaluation: Methodology and Validation
Lohith Annadevula, S. K. Aghara, Kenneth Jarman and Logan Joyce

Effort Bounded Inspections
Rudolf Avenhaus, Morton J. Canty and Thomas Krieger

Examining Autonomous Inspection of Geologic Repositories
Jacob Benz, Camille Palmer, HaliAnne McGee-Hilbert, Chris (Yu Hsuan) Lee, Ravi Kumar, Geoffrey Hollinger and Nicole Benker

A Novel Approach for Detection of Illicit Nuclear Activities by Using Optically Stimulated Dosimetry
Egemen M. Aras and Robert B. Hayes

Developing a Big Data Framework for Processing Sentinel-2 Data in the Context of Nuclear Safeguards - Evaluation of Apache Airflow, Rasdaman and Google Earth Engine
Lisa Beumer and Irmgard Niemeyer

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24 JUNE 2022
ESARDA Bulletin N.64, issue 1