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ESARDA Syllabus Edition 2023


ISBN 978-92-68-02516-1, doi: 10.2760/246770, Catalogue N.: KJ-05-23-135-EN-N, JRC N.: JRC130435
Publication date
18 April 2023
Joint Research Centre


Table of Contents

Syllabus of ESARDA C ourse Nuclear Safeguards and Non -Proliferation Edition 2023..... 1
K. Abbas, T. Krieger, P. Peerani and R. Rossa

Nuclear Non-Proliferation – A Brief Historical Background..... 6
T. Jonter

Nuclear Material Subject to Safeguards..... 22
G. Janssens-Maenhout

The Historical Context of theEURATOM Treaty’s Safeguards System..... 42
M. Gerlini

The Basic Principles of Nuclear Material Management.....55
B. Burrows

State-Level Safeguards..... 72
A. Vincze, J. Whitlock, M. Goodman, D. Lockwood, S. Cagno, G.G.M. Cojazzi, G. Renda, W. M’Rad Dali

Non-Destructive Assay for Nuclear Safeguards..... 93
P. Peerani, M. Marin Ferrer, A. Tomanin, S. Tobin, P. Jansson, S. Grape, K. Abbas

Destructive Sample Analysis for Nuclear Safeguards.....157
Y. Aregbe, K. Mayer, M. Hedberg, R. Jakopič

Nuclear Forensic Methods in Safeguards.....182
K. Mayer , M. Wallenius, Z. Varga

Containment and Surveillance – Status and Perspectives..... 194
K. Aymanns, F. Littmann, L. Matloch, J. Pekkarinen, A. Rezniczek, B. Richter, K. Schoop

Material Balance Evaluation..... 217
R. Bencardino

Random Sampling in Nuclear Material Safeguards..... 238
R. Avenhaus, M.J. Canty, T. Krieger

Atmospheric Radioactivity Monitoring for the CTBT to Detect Nuclear Test Explosions..... 266
M.B. Kalinowski

Use of Commercial Satellite Imagery in Support of Non-Proliferation..... 280
M. Lafitte, A. Collet

Strategic Trade Control and Nuclear Safeguards..... 301
F. Sevini

The Utility of Open -Sources, Including Commercial Satellite Imagery, for IAEA Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Monitoring and Verification Applications..... 313
F.V. Pabian, G. Renda, R. Jungwirth, L.K. Kim, E. Wolfart, G.G.M. Cojazzi


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Syllabus 2023 THMB


18 APRIL 2023
ESARDA Course Syllabus Edition 2023