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IAEA Safeguards Techniques and Equipment: 2011 Edition


ISBN 978-92-0-118910-3, ISSN 1020–6205
Publication date
1 June 2011
Joint Research Centre


To facilitate the introduction of the strengthened safeguards system, in 1997 the IAEA began to publish a new series of publications on safeguards, called the International Nuclear Verification Series. These books aim to help explain IAEA safeguards, especially in relation to new developments, particularly to facility operators and relevant government officials.

The current publication, which is the second revision and update of IAEA/NVS/1, is intended to give a full and balanced description of the safeguards techniques and equipment used for nuclear material accountancy, containment and surveillance measures, environmental sampling, and data security. New features include a section on new and novel technologies. As new verification measures continue to be developed, the material in this book will be reviewed periodically and updated versions issued.

IAEA Safeguards Techniques and Equipment ed.2011 THMB


11 AUGUST 2021
Safeguards Techniques and Equipment: 2011 Edition