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International Target Values 2010 for Measurement Uncertainties in Safeguarding Nuclear Materials


Publication date
1 November 2010
Joint Research Centre


Authors: K. Zhao, M. Penkin, C. Norman, S. Balsley, K. Mayer, P. Peerani, C. Pietri, S. Tapodi, Y. Tsutaki, M. Boella, G. Renha Jr., E. Kuhn

This issue of the International Target Values (ITVs) represents the sixth revision, following the first release of such tables issued in 1979 by the ESARDA/WGDA. The ITVs are uncertainties to  be  considered  in  judging  the  reliability  of  analytical  techniques  applied  to  industrial  nuclear and fissile material, which are subject to safeguards verification. The tabulated values represent estimates of the „state of the practice‟which shouldbe  achievable  under  routine  measurement conditions.  The  most  recent  standard  conventions  in  representing  uncertainty  have  been considered, while maintaining a format that allows comparison with the previous releases of the ITVs.  The  present  report  explains  why  target  values  are  needed,  how  the  concept  evolved  and how  they  relate  to  the  operator's  and  inspector's  measurement  systems.  The  ITVs-2010  are intended to be used by plant operators and safeguards organizations, as a reference of the quality of  measurements  achievable  in  nuclear  material  accountancy,  and  for  planning  purposes.  The report  suggests  that  the use  of ITVs  can  be beneficialfor  statistical  inferences  regarding  the significance  of  operator-inspector  differences  whenever  valid  performance  values  are  not available.



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International Target Values 2010for Measurement Uncertaintiesin Safeguarding Nuclear Materials