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Monte Carlo benchmark exercises of the NDA Working Group


Publication date
1 December 2006
Joint Research Centre


Authors: Paolo Peerani, Anne-Laure Weber

The last issue of the ESARDA Bulletin was a special issue entirely dedicated to a single paper. This decision could have surprised the ordinary Bulletin reader, also because of the choice of a quite specialised topic, not of broad interest, such as benchmark of simulation tools for NDA equipment. The ESARDA Editorial Committee feels the need to give a wider view about this topic in order to explain to the non specialist in Monte Carlo, why this subject is important for the Safeguard community and where this project is placed within the ESARDA activity. For this reason the chairman and the secretary of the NDA working group were requested to write this very short description on the working group activities in the field of physical modelling and numerical simulation.


25 MARCH 2021
Monte Carlo benchmark exercises of the NDA Working Group