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Scientific paper

ESARDA Bulletin N.35


ISSN 1977-5296
Publication date
1 December 2006
Joint Research Centre



Presentation of Technical Sheets
L-V Bril

Scientific peer reviewed papers

AutoISO: a new acquisition and data review software for the use of isotopic composition analysis codes  (MGA++, PC/FRAM and IGA)
J-L Dufour, A-L Weber, P. Funk

Performance evaluation of verification regimes
R. Avenhaus, N. Kyriakopoulos


News from ESARDA members

Experiences in Preparing the Implementation of the Additional Protocol in Germany
A. Rezniczek, H. H. Remagen, B. Richter, G. Stein,  U. Blohm-Hieber, H. Nackaerts

Experience and current activities at the Institute of Isotopes, Budapest related to nuclear safeguards and forensics
Tamás Bíró

Implementation of domestic regulation on small owners of nuclear material in France
C. De Walsche, A. Vasmant, B. Massendari, F. Lemoine

Aspects of Safeguards Application in Lithuania  
Marius Davainis

Technical Sheets

Statistical Methods in Nuclear Materials Accountancy and Auditing  
M. Franklin

Electronic Safeguards seals
B. Autrusson, B. Richter

Monte Carlo simulation applied to non-destructive assay techniques  
A-L Weber

Gamma Spectrometry for U and Pu Isotopic Determination  
P. Peerani

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14 APRIL 2021
ESARDA Bulletin N.35