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ESARDA Bulletin N.38


ISSN 1977-5296
Publication date
1 June 2008
Joint Research Centre



A word from the ESARDA Editorial Committee
B. Autrusson


Safeguards in Norway – Experiences with Integrated Safeguards
T. Sekse

Application of Safeguards in Switzerland
B. Leibrecht

Peer reviewed section

C/S in Final Disposal Processes – Swedish and Finnish Perspectives
A. Fritzell, T. Honkamaa, P. Karhu, O. Okko, A. Håkansson, G. Dahlin

3D Reconstruction in Nuclear Security
G. Boström, M. Fiocco, J.G.M. Gonçalves, D. Puig, V. Sequeira, B. Chartier, R. Kiesser, F. Mariotte, M. Richard, P. Zamora

Use of Imaging for Nuclear Material Control and Accountability
J.A. Mullens, P.A. Hausladen, P. Bingham, D.E. Archer, J.T. Mihalczo

Uranium Enrichment Assay with a LaBr3(Ce) Scintillation Detector: A promising Option for the 2nd Generation of COMPUCEA
H. Ottmar, P. Amador, H. Eberle, N. Erdmann, H. Schorlé, R. Gunnink

Fluorine as a Safeguards Tool for Age Dating of Uranium Oxyfluoride Particles?
R. Kips, R. Wellum

Nuclear Forensic Methods in Safeguards
K. Mayer, M. Wallenius

Working Groups activities

ESARDA Working Groups activities in 2007 – Summary report

Working Group on Gamma Spectrometry Techniques for U/Pu Isotopics

Wireless Communications for Monitoring Nuclear Material Processes PART II: Wireless In-plant Data Transmission
F. Braina, J.G.M. Gonçalves, M. Heppleston, C. Ottesen, B. Schoeneman, K. Tolk, C. Versino

Technical sheets

Nuclear Mass Spectrometry

Call for papers

31st ESARDA Annual Meeting

Ad Memoriam

Sergio Finzi

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14 APRIL 2021
ESARDA Bulletin N.39