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ESARDA Bulletin N.39


ISSN 1977-5296
Publication date
1 October 2008
Joint Research Centre



On the Genesis of the Special Issue on Proliferation Resistance
G.M. Cojazzi

Proliferation Resistance Aspects and Safeguards

Proliferation Resistance and Physical Protection Robustness Characteristics of Innovative and Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems
F. Sevini, G.G.M. Cojazzi, G. Renda

Non-proliferation Aspects of Advanced Fuels under Light Water Reactor Conditions
J. Breza, R. Zajac, P. Dařílek, V. Nečas

Safeguards Instrumentation for Future Nuclear Fuel Cycles
M. Stein, G. Stein, B. Richter

Proliferation Resistance Characteristics of Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems: a Safeguardability Point of View
G.M. Cojazzi, G. Renda, F. Sevini

Methodologies for Proliferation Resistance Evaluation

A Practical Tool to Assess the Proliferation Resistance of Nuclear Systems: the SAPRA Methodology
D. Greneche

Revised INPRO Methodology in the Area of Proliferation Resistance
J.H. Park, Y.D. Lee, M.S. Yang, J.K. Kim, E. Haas, F. Depisch

GIF Evaluation Methodology for Proliferation Resistance and Physical Protection of Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems: Overview and Perspectives
PR&PP Working Group Members

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14 APRIL 2021
ESARDA Bulletin N.39