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Scientific paper

ESARDA Bulletin N.54


ISSN 1977-5296
Publication date
2 June 2017
Joint Research Centre


Peer Reviewed Articles

Muon Tomography for spent nuclear fuel control
P. Checchia, F. Gonella, A. Rigoni, S. Vanini, G. Zumerle

A Comparison of Approaches to Determine Dead Time Parameters Using a Boron-Coated-Straw High-Level Neutron Coincidence Counter
A.T. Simone, S. Croft, A. Favalli, and J. P. Hayward

Revisiting Currie’s Minimum Detectable Activity for Non-Destructive Assay By Gamma Detection Using Tolerance Intervals
E. Agboraw, E. Bonner, T. Burr, S. Croft, J.M. Kirkpatrick, T. Krieger, C. Norman, P. Santi, S.Walsh

Micro Particle Suspensions for Preparation of Reference Materials for Particle Analysis Methods in Safeguards
R. Middendorp, M. Dürr, I. Niemeyer, D. Bosbach

Towards novel field-deployable instrumentation for UF6 enrichment assay – an overview of existing and emerging technologies
G. C.-Y. Chan, J. D. Valentine, and R. E. Russo

Changes to the 252Cf neutron spectrum caused by source encapsulation
R. Weinmann-Smith,, S. Croft, M.T. Swinhoe, A. Enqvist

Detection of fuel pins diversion with the self-indication neutron resonance densitometry technique
R. Rossa, A. Borella, P.-E. Labeau, N. Pauly, K. van der Meer

Brain Science and International Nuclear Safeguards: Implications from Cognitive Science and Human Factors Research on the Provision and Use of Safeguards-Relevant Information in the Field
Z. N. Gastelum, L. E. Matzen, H. A. Smartt, K. E. Horak, E. M. Moyer, M. E. St. Pierre

The forward-problem approach in Safeguards verification: directly comparing simulated and measured observables
S.Vaccaro, I. Gauld, M. Vescovi, H. Tagziria, A. Smejkal, P. Schwalbach

Ultrasonic Identification Methods of Copper Canisters for Final Geological Repository
C. Clementi,, F. Littmann, L. Capineri, C. Andersson, U. Ronneteg

International Engagement in Arms Control Verification Using a Systems Approach
M. Dreicer, I. Niemeyer, G. Stein

Field Trial of the Enhanced Data Authentication System (EDAS)
M. Thomas, R. Hymel, G. Baldwin, A. Smejkal, R. Linnebach

Non Peer Reviewed Articles

Restating the fundamental principle of nuclear security culture and the importance of cultural differences
I. Iarema

Success and failures of the Non-Proliferation Treaty demonstrated in history
A. Windt

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11 MARCH 2021
ESARDA Bulletin n.54