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ESARDA Bulletin N.57


ISSN 1977-5296
Publication date
20 December 2018
Joint Research Centre



Reporting Security Concerns in the Nuclear/Radiological Industry: New Evidence to the Study of Whistle-blowing
Iryna Iarema and Katherine M. Bachner

Open Source Analysis in support to the identification of possible undeclared nuclear activities in a State
Frank V. Pabian, Guido Renda, Giacomo G.M. Cojazzi

Evolution of Verification Data Evaluation under the State-Level Concept
Claude Norman, Jacques Baute, Robert Binner, Mika Nikkinen, Agatha Walczak-Typke

Approximate Bayesian Computation Applied to Nuclear Safeguards Metrology
Tom Burr, Thomas Krieger, Claude Norman

Peelle’s Pertinent Puzzle in Nuclear Safeguards Measurements
Elisa Bonner, Tom Burr, Claude Norman

Investigating the Cherenkov light production due to cross-talk in closely stored nuclear fuel assemblies in wet storage
Erik Branger, Sophie Grape, Peter Jansson, Erik Andersson Sundén, Staffan Jacobsson Svärd

iQS-01 InCounter Quantification System for Non-Destructive Assay: Report on Testing Procedures and Results for Device Performance and Holdup Quantification Model
Greg Peacock and Brent McGinnis

ESARDA Bulletin N.57 THMB


11 MARCH 2021
ESARDA Bulletin n.57