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ESARDA Bulletin N.60

The International Journal of Nuclear Safeguards and Non-Proliferation


ISSN 1977-5296, ISBN 978-92-76-18978-7, DOI 10.2760/840092
Publication date
30 June 2020
Joint Research Centre



Performance of FRAM isotopic analysis of shielded plutonium with an electrically cooled coaxial gamma-spectrometer
Jozsef Zsigrai, Andrey Berlizov, Darcy van Eerten, Janos Bagi, Artur Muehleisen

Antineutrino Detection Techniques for Monitoring Long‑Term Geological Repositories
Madalina Wittel and Malte Göttsche

Validation of ORIGEN for VVER-440 Spent Fuel with Application to Fork Detector Safeguards Measurements
Jianwei Hu, Ian. C. Gauld, Stefano Vaccaro, , Tapani Honkamaa, Germina Ilas

Opportunities for a graded approach in air sample assay and triage
Robert B. Hayes and S. Joseph Cope

Unaccounted for uncertainties in radioaerosol assays as used in plume reconstruction or treaty verification
Robert B. Hayes

Export control and nuclear safeguards
Filippo Sevini, Guido Renda, Simone Cagno, Xavier Arnes Novau, Christos Charatsis,
Willem Janssens

ESARDA Bulletin N.60 THMB


22 JUNE 2020
ESARDA Bulletin N.60